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      1. 氣源處理器使用的注意事項氣動電磁閥廠


        Cautions in Application of F.R.L Equipment氣源處理器使用的注意事項

        一、安裝注意事項:(cautions in installation)




        ●Clean the pipes before installation of pneumatic components  associated,Remove dust、oil、debris、etc.to prevent the fragments of sealing material mix。

        ●When installed,  the filter、filter regulator and lubricator must be vertically, the cup down, the knob of regulator down, and the gas flow direction must be consistent with the arrow on valve body。

        ●Before installation, please set some space for installation and maintenance (such as the height of filters mounting ,to be able to remove the cup)。FRL should be avoid installed in a strong vibration environment ,to protect the accuracy of pressure gauge and the strength of the connection。

        ●Avoid to installation in sunshine point-blank  occasion。

        二、使用時注意事項:(Cautions in usage)方向控制閥廠家




        ●確認過濾器及過濾減壓閥杯子或杯子護罩正確到位后,方可開啟壓力,在加壓狀態下切勿旋轉杯子及其護罩 。


        ●油霧器可在不停氣情況下加油。請將油杯內油量保持在油量上限與下限范圍內。L3000、L4000旋開注油塞,從注油塞口處加油。L1000、L2000將排氣塞旋開,排除殘余氣體,卸下杯子直接從杯口加油;然后將油杯旋入閥體,再將排氣塞擰緊。(油霧器使用ISO VG32或同級潤滑油)


         ●殘壓排出:排出杯子內的壓力(F.W用放水旋塞、L1000、2000系列用排氣塞排氣、L3000、4000  系列用注油塞排氣)后,請確認壓力是否完全排除。


        ●The filter should be cleaned regularly, otherwise the system pressure drop will increase. When cleaning the filter or the cup, use a neutral household detergent, then rinse with water.

        ●According to the work environment and the requirements of pneumatic system to select the appropriate filter such as size or drainage patterns。

        ●As the cup is made of polycarbonate, should avoid contact with carbon tetrachloride, acids, bases, aniline, kerosene and other chemicals be easy to reaction with polycarbonate.

        ●Before the open,make sure the cup or cup shield of the filter and filter regulator in right place。 Under the pressure, do not rotate the cup or shield.

        ●When using, please pull out the regulator knob such as filter regulator (W type) or regulator (R type), Adjusted to the desired pressure,Then push the regulator knob to prevent rotation. According to select the appropriate use of pressure gauge. Square gauge and check valve plate assembly can be interchanged.

        ●Please maintain the oil in the cup in the upper and lower limits. You can add oil in the case non-stop gas 。

        1 for the L3000, L4000 series, first unscrew the fill plug, and add oil through the fill plug hole.

        2 for L1000, L2000 series, first unscrew the vent plug, then remove the cup, add the oil directly to the cup; then screwed the cup into the valve, then tighten the vent plug. (Lubricator with oil ISO VG32 or Same level )

        ●Lubricator drip flow regulation: we can use a screwdriver to adjust the regulator. Counterclockwise, drip flow increases; clockwise, drip flow reduction. Note: The adjustment process can not be too hard.

        ●Discharge of residual pressure:The pressure within the exhaust cup (FW with drain cocks, L1000、2000 series with the exhaust vent plug, L3000、4000 series with the fill plug exhaust), make sure the pressure is completely ruled out.

        ●The normal life of the product seal is five years, to be replaced periodically.

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